If you’ve been following Fireblocks for the past week, you probably know by now that we’re currently adding support for a ton of new and innovative DeFi protocols. 

Today, we’re launching support for Optimism, an exciting Layer 2 DeFi platform that aims to improve Ethereum’s scalability and reduce gas fees – while requiring little to no code changes to bridge dApps from the Eth blockchain.

About Optimism

Optimism is an EVM-compatible chain that uses “optimistic rollup” technology to easily support any Ethereum Dapp while improving speed and security. 

In general, Optimism was built to be “the Ethereum you know and love at lower cost and lightning speed,” enabling users to transact in milliseconds and save 10-100x on fees.

How can I access Optimism with Fireblocks?

Here’s how to access UniSwap dApp – which is built on Optimism – through WalletConnect.

With Fireblocks, you can utilize any dApp built for Optimism through our DeFi API. 

In addition, Fireblocks allows you to access select dApps through WalletConnect, such as Synthetix.


We’ll be continuing to add new DeFi platforms over the next few months. Stay tuned right here on our blog for the latest updates on protocol support and more.