Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Fireblocks has launched support for the XDC Network, an enterprise-ready, open-source protocol that combines the power of private and public blockchains. In addition, we’ve added XDC’s native token to our platform.

With faster transaction speeds, lower energy consumption rates, and significantly smaller transaction fees than its predecessors (XDC’s average transaction fee is just $0.00001 USD, while Ethereum’s is around $10), XDC aims to be a next-generation, EVM-compatible blockchain solution for enterprise users.

Fireblocks currently supports more than 1,000 tokens and 30 protocols, and we’re always adding new integrations. Check out the full list of tokens available on the Fireblocks platform. 

Institutional XDC access

Effective immediately, Fireblocks users can now:

  1. Store XDC in their Fireblocks Vault
  2. Transfer XDC on the Fireblocks Network 
  3. Launch XDC token support for retail customers and users with Fireblocks’ REST API
  4. Utilize any dApp built for XDC through DeFi API or WalletConnect

The integration also provides Fireblocks users with direct access to XDC Network’s unique array of blockchain solutions — unlocking access to digitization, tokenization, and the swift settlement of trade transactions.

About XDC

The XDC Network has enjoyed a monumental surge in activity over the last 12 months, as more than 4,000 smart contracts have been deployed on the network – representing over a 600% increase. The network also registered a 10x increase in active user wallets, growing from 75,000 to 895,000 in the past six months alone. This positions XDC as a strong leader among Layer 1 smart contract platforms. 

Last year, the XDC Network also became the first and only blockchain protocol ​​to join the global Trade Finance Distribution Initiative (TFDi), a consortium of the world’s leading banks, trade originators, credit insurers, and institutional funders to increase automation and transparency in the trade asset industry. As a result, XDC – alongside the trade finance distribution platform Tradeteq – executed the first end-to-end, on-chain invoice finance transactions in the world.

XDC recently launched the XDC Foundation, a not-for-profit entity formed to support the growth, development, and adoption of the XDC Network. The XDC Foundation looks to foster a community of developers, specialized trade experts, and content creators by enabling them to access the XDC blockchain more effortlessly to exchange ideas, data, and value.

XDC has also announced a new partnership with the MLS Team DC United, and launched their new, no-coding-required tokenization platform Origin.

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