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Fireblocks for Banks Future-proof wallet technology for digital asset custody

“When we started to look at new providers, it was obvious right away that we wanted to go with Fireblocks. We felt that they have the most professional and mature product, and they offer all of the features that are especially relevant to us as a bank.”

Philipp Doppelhammer Chief Operating Officer

Operational flexibility Offer a top-tier user experience with digital assets

Build a digital asset custody operation that fits your customers' needs using the most secure and flexible wallet technology. Only Fireblocks can deliver secure 24/7 access to digital assets by combining the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with proprietary hardware isolation.

MPC Wallet As a Service
24/7 secure access

Enable your organization to tokenize assets

Ensure your organization is well-positioned to seize the next opportunity. Build on top of your digital asset custody platform with tokenized assets, including tokenized fiat, securities, and commodities. Only Fireblocks delivers a complete turn-key solution for token issuance and management.


Why Financial Institutions Partner with Fireblocks

  • Secured & Insured

    SOC 2 Type II certification, regular pen-tests, and an unprecedented insurance policy that protects assets in storage and transfer.

  • Core Banking Integrations

    Secure and simple integration with core banking solutions.

  • Automated AML/KYT

    Prevent illicit transactions and perform AML operations all from Fireblocks.

  • Robust APIs

    REST API with official SDKs and OpenAPI 3 or Push API via webhook.

  • SaaS, Hybrid or On-prem

    Multiple deployment options are available.

  • Widest Range of Tokens & Protocols

    1,100+ tokens & 40+ protocols supported.

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