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Fireblocks for Banks Future-proof wallet technology for digital asset custody

Operational flexibility Offer a top-tier user experience with digital assets

Build a digital asset custody operation that fits your customers' needs using the most secure and flexible wallet technology. Only Fireblocks can deliver secure 24/7 access to digital assets by combining the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with proprietary hardware isolation.

MPC Wallet As a Service
24/7 secure access

Enable your organization to tokenize assets

Ensure your organization is well-positioned to seize the next opportunity. Build on top of your digital asset custody platform with tokenized assets, including tokenized fiat, securities, and commodities. Only Fireblocks delivers a complete turn-key solution for token issuance and management.


Why Financial Institutions Partner with Fireblocks

  • Secured & Insured

    SOC 2 Type II certification, regular pen-tests, and an unprecedented insurance policy that protects assets in storage and transfer.

  • Core Banking Integrations

    Secure and simple integration with core banking solutions.

  • Automated AML/KYT

    Prevent illicit transactions and perform AML operations all from Fireblocks.

  • Robust APIs

    REST API with official SDKs and OpenAPI 3 or Push API via webhook.

  • SaaS, Hybrid or On-prem

    Multiple deployment options are available.

  • Widest Range of Tokens & Protocols

    1,100+ tokens & 35 protocols supported.

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