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How Polity Network enables their customers to direct self-custody their customers' digital assets with Fireblocks

Polity Network is the first enterprise-grade, federated crypto wealth management network for professional advisors and their clients, bringing together advisors, app merchants, and investors on an open-architecture crypto wealth management marketplace.

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Benefits at a glance

Enterprise-grade secure wallet infrastructure

Secure MPC technology provides better user experience, passwordless access.

Self-Custody model support

Users can generate their private keys and be completely assured that only they have access to their private keys.

About Us

Fireblocks is an easy-to-use platform to create new blockchain based products, and manage day-to-day digital asset operations. Exchanges, banks, PSPs, lending desks, custodians, trading desks, and hedge funds can securely scale their digital asset operations through the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. Fireblocks serves thousands of organizations in the financial, payments, and web3 space, has secured the transfer of over $4 trillion in digital assets and has a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & transit.