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DUBAI | FRIDAY 19TH APRIL | 10:00 - 17:00 | BAHRI, DUBAI

Fireblocks House @ TOKEN2049 Dubai

The Fireblocks team will be in Bahri, Dubai for TOKEN2049 and we have some exciting plans for you. Here are all the ways you can meet the team and learn more about our new products. If you're ready to see how to securely manage and scale your digital assets operations, schedule a demo with our team to see Fireblocks in action.

Fireblocks Hands-On Labs and Product Roadmap 'Ask Me Anything'

If you are in town during TOKEN2049, come and join our Professional Services Engineers in our hands-on labs to get started with Fireblocks. Get a sneak peek into what we’re building in 2024, as well as a chance to ask our experts about how the Fireblocks platform can help accelerate your business.

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    • Tokenization Lab

      Create your own token and leverage various smart contract functionalities via Fireblocks console.

    • Non-Custodial Wallets and NFT Lab

      Deploy and manage NFTs through the Fireblocks console and list them on a 3rd party marketplace.

    • DeFi Lab

      Using WalletConnect link your Fireblocks wallet across different Dapps and perform a variety of operations.

    • Product Roadmap and 'Ask Me Anything"

      Learn How to build custom payments flows with Fireblocks new dynamic payments flow builder.

Who you’ll meet from Fireblocks

    • Alexandre Chessé

      Director of Sales, France, Middle East and Africa

    • Stephen Richardson

      Managing Director, Financial Markets and Head of APAC

    • Ali Shehadeh

      Sales Director, Middle East

    • Philippe Clonen

      Sales Director, Middle East

    • Georges Tropé

      Sales Director, Middle East

    • Rhian Pendleton

      Business Development

    • Michael Parsons

      Sales Director, Payments

    • Benjamin Spirowski

      Sales Director, DACH & Northern EMEA

    • Rocio Villanueva Garcia

      Sales Director, UK and Western Europe

    • Dan Quirke

      Director of Sales Engineerings, EMEA

    • Séba Daher

      Sales Engineer

    • Tomer Horviz

      Professional Services Engineer

    • Jason P. Allegrante

      Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

    • Haider Horta

      Professional Services Engineer

    • Mindaugas Miskinis

      Sales Director, UK and Europe