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AML & Compliance Streamline compliance

Fireblocks integrates with the leading crypto compliance providers so you can automatically detect and remove high-risk transactions in your ledger.

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Introducing AML & Compliance Comprehensive KYT & AML Screening

Don't let high-risk deposits put your organization in jeopardy. Integrate KYT screening to quickly identify and remove suspicious transactions from your liquidity pool.

Security Detect & reject high-risk transactions

Fireblocks automatically screens transactions against pre-defined risk policies created by your compliance team. Depending on whether a transaction is deemed high or low-risk, Fireblocks clears, rejects/freezes, or escalates to a manual compliance check.

Regulations Scale compliance

With Fireblocks API, you can automate deposit and withdrawal screening, freeze funds, and generate audit logs for regulators. Reports include information on whether the transaction was accepted or rejected.

Why compliance teams love Fireblocks

  • Customer defined policy engine

    Customize transaction policies based on risk scores.

  • Transaction management

    Delineate separate wallets for frozen funds.

  • AML transaction audit logs

    Available in CSV or API.

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