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Policy & Workflow Engine Automate policy enforcement

Utilize Fireblocks' workflow authorization engine to meet regulatory needs and create a safe operations environment.

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Introducing Policy & Workflow Engine Robust & Customizable Policy Engine

Don't rely on manual, in-person, and hard to enforce user permissions. Define policies directly on the Fireblocks' policy engine to protect funds against internal collusion, simplify operations, and enjoy automated governance 24/7.

Security Protect assets against insider attacks

Once you've defined the transaction and whitelisting policy, any deposits or withdrawals will never leave the account without quorum approval.

3 Layers of defense
24/7 operations

Securely scale Expand the team without increasing risk

Customize policies to fit each member on the team. Empower new employees to hit the ground running from day one.

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Implementation power-ups developed for security and compliance teams

  • Robust REST API

    The Fireblocks API makes it easy to automate workflow authorization at scale.

  • Wide-ranging policy filters

    Filters include who initiated the transfer, the source, destination, asset type, and amount.

  • Flexible policy rules

    Rules can set whether a transaction is: blocked, require additional signers, approved.

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