Fraudulent credit card transactions can be reversed or disputed with a call to the bank or credit card provider. The same cannot be said for digital assets transactions.

Once digital assets are transferred from one party to another, transactions are final and immutable. That’s why institutions need a fast, reliable, and secure way to store and transfer their digital assets.

As more and more institutions are moving into the digital asset space, an increasing number of custody solutions have emerged, each serving different needs. Fireblocks commissioned The Block Research to present a comprehensive evaluation of these digital asset custody solutions and how they fit into the digital asset ecosystem.

Download this research report to learn:

  • An overview of the types of digital asset custody solutions that are available today
  • The differences between the digital assets custody landscape and the traditional finance custody landscape
  • How a firm’s digital assets custody strategy can impact its business operations and customer experience
  • An outlook on the digital asset custody industry

Download the research report: