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[On-demand] Future of Finance & Fireblocks present: Settlement and Custody of Digital Assets (Part Two)

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Hosted by Future of Finance


Ken Nakamura

Head of Stablecoins at GMO Internet

Sylvain Prigent

Co-Founder and CPO of Société Générale – Forge

Paul Ridley

CAO Wholesale Digital Office at Nomura

Stephen Richardson

Vice President Product Strategy at Fireblocks

Discussing the current state of settlement, safekeeping, standards, and regulation.

We’ll review progress towards true delivery of tokens against fiat currency payment with settlement finality; look at developments that can overcome the practical, technical, and legal challenges of safekeeping tokenized assets; assess the pioneering efforts to achieve interoperability between different token issuance, trading, and settlement platforms and between token platforms and traditional platforms and exchanges; and appraise jurisdictions which are in the vanguard of providing a settled legal, regulatory and infrastructural environment for tokenized digital assets.

Watch the on demand video and join in the discussion:

  1. How can the issue of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on tokenization platforms be encouraged and accelerated
  2. What are the operational pillars of secure and safe custody for security tokens?
  3. Is there a difference between the infrastructure for security tokens and native crypto tokens?
  4. What role does inter-operability play at this stage in the adoption process? Who is responsible for oversight and implementation?
  5. How can security token issuers, investors, and service providers best be provided with regulatory certainty?
  6. Will it take a governmental or regulatory intervention to initiate a transition from the current system to a tokenized future?

Future of Finance & Fireblocks present: Settlement and Custody of Digital Assets (Part Two)

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