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The Real World Impacts of On-Chain Identity and Compliance

  • Speakers
  • Chaitanya Konda Sr. Technical Product Manager, Fireblocks
  • Francois Schonken Sr. Director, Tokenization, Fireblocks
  • Gabby Kusz Sr. Director, Digital Dollar Project
  • Peter Cooling Sr. Director of Product - Head of Crypto Technical Product Development, Visa
  • Peter Marton Director of Digital Identity, Fireblocks


Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs can enhance scalability and privacy on the blockchain if implemented effectively.

In this session, we cover the fundamentals of zero-knowledge proofs, how ZKRollups are revolutionizing transactions and fostering innovation in the areas critical to our customers, and showcase some proof-of-concepts that highlight ZK proofs’ promise in delivering validity without compromising on privacy.