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Jessie Blocker VP of Business Development

Jessie brings 5+ years of professional experience in the digital asset industry to Fireblocks. In early 2014, she joined Xapo – one of the largest bitcoin wallet and vault services – as the Manager of Customer Support and eventually became the Director of Institutional Accounts where she managed Xapo’s institutional product, operations, and clients.

Her 4 years at Xapo were spent in the Buenos Aires office, where she was able to see a first-hand use case for bitcoin being used as sound money. After seeing this direct insight and and marrying a Venezuelan whose family could directly benefit from digital assets due to hyperinflation, Jessie chose to dedicate her work towards helping grow the digital asset industry so anyone in the world can have access to money.

After Xapo, Jessie joined Genesis Global Trading as VP of Corporate Partnerships where she built and managed strategic partnerships for lending and trading digital assets. During this time, she began to understand how MPC technology could help secure digital assets, both while stagnant or in motion. In early 2019, Jessie decided to join the Fireblocks team as VP of Business Development in order to help secure digital asset infrastructure and truly help to grow the ecosystem as a whole.