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Thought Leadership

Choosing a Custody Model: Direct Custody vs. Sub-Custody

  • Meet the Experts
  • Stephen Richardson VP, Head of Business Solutions
You’ve seen the headlines – more and more institutions like BNY Mellon, JP Morgan, and Paypal are entering the digital asset space.

What’s the one thing in common these organizations have in common? They have all chosen the direct custody model.

So, what kind of custody solution is right for your organization? At the 2021 Crypto Assets Conference, Fireblocks VP, Head of Product Strategy & Business Solutions, Stephen Richardson, discusses the pros and cons of Direct Custody and Sub-Custody.

In this 20-minute presentation, you will learn:

  • The fundamental differences of the digital asset market versus. traditional markets
  • How digital asset offerings will evolve for financial institutions
  • The challenges of applying traditional sub-custody models to the digital asset market
  • The revenue opportunities for institutions leveraging direct custody
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