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For Fireblocks Customers CSM Office Hours: Let’s set up your Fireblocks workspace

  • Meet the Experts
  • Chen Shopen CSM
  • Jonathan Leibzon CSM
  • Matan Moyal CSM
  • Nir Yakobov CSM

About the session

Let’s get you set up! We’ll start with a short introduction to the Fireblocks console, and then dive into Q&A.


45 Minutes

Submit questions on the following topics:

  • Adding new users to your workspace
  • Creating vault accounts on your workspace(s)
  • Generating deposit addresses
  • Transfer assets on Fireblocks
  • Connect your exchange and FIAT accounts
  • Connect to your counterparties
  • Fireblocks Network
  • How you can integrate Web3
  • Adjust your workspace settings
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