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Thought Leadership

The Evolution and Impact of Tokenized Money

  • Meet the Experts
  • Varun Paul Senior Director, Financial Market Infrastructure and CBDCs丨Fireblocks
  • Catherine Gu Head of CBDC and Tokenized Assets丨Visa
  • Kaj Burchardi Managing Director - Head of Emerging Technology Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa丨BCG
  • Nick Philpott Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships丨Zodia Markets
  • Mike Alonso Principal Architect丨BIS
  • Guillaume Chatain Head of Sales丨SG Forge


As stablecoins and other forms of tokenized money continue to rise in popularity, we have seen ideas and proofs of concept develop into production-level systems, delivering utility by moving value all over the world.

In this webinar, Fireblocks brings together participants from across the ecosystem, representing issuers and distributors, innovators and consultants, to discuss the current applications of stablecoins and tokenized money, as well as future use cases, including:

  • FX trading and liquidity
  • DeFi and permissioned AMMs
  • Expanding payments use cases
  • DvP and atomic settlement for tokenized markets
  • Corporate treasury
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