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FIREBLOCKS WEB3 ENGINE Build your Web3 projects on the most secure and scalable platform

One secure enterprise-grade platform for all your web3 operations — Automate wallet creation for all your users, instantly mint NFTs & in-game assets on EVM & non-EVM chains, and simplify your treasury operations.


Newest web3 businesses powered by Fireblocks

Build your next Web3 project on Fireblocks Flexible Wallets & Easy Web3 Treasury Management

Create millions of Web3 wallets

Multi-layer security and encryption enable the creation of millions of secured wallets in an efficient omnibus or segregated setup that can scale with your business.

MPC Wallet As a Service

Mint NFT and gaming assets

End-to-end NFT tokenization on EVM and non-EVM chains: minting, issuance, custody, transfer, and user management.


Offer support for EVM and non-EVM chains

Deploy across 40+ major blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, BSC, Polygon, and more. Connect to leading dApps (OpenSea & Uniswap) and support 1,100+ tokens, and all ERC20 tokens from day one.

Fireblocks Integrations

Simplify day-to-day Web3 operations

Flexible policies and multi-approver workflows ensure control over transactions, vaults, and transfers. Create policies to secure DeFi transactions, including amount caps and customizable limits by smart contract to limit your risk.

Policy and Workflow Engine

Build your next Web3 project on Fireblocks

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What I love most about Fireblocks is how you can use it as a building block and create your own innovations on top of it. Without Fireblocks’ security in the background, we couldn’t call ourselves an enterprise-grade NFT platform.

Kevin Lehtiniitty Co-Founder, CTO & CPO

Introducing The first Web3 engine

The only enterprise-grade platform for developers building the next generation of NFT, GameFi, and DeFi products. The web3 engine includes three unique suites.

  • DeFi Suite

    Build new DeFi-enabled Web3 services to generate yield for users. Backed by Fireblocks’ DeFi API with connection to the widest range of both EVM and non-EVM blockchain protocols.

  • NFT Suite

    Offer secure NFT services to your customers with a complete dev toolkit to mint, store, and transfer NFTs, with full support for ERC721 and other EVM chains.

  • GameFi Suite

    Expand your gaming offerings using Fireblocks Web3 Engine’s out-of-the-box minting and management of gaming assets across top blockchains. Built on multi-layer security and enterprise-grade operations to scale to millions of wallets.

For ultimate control and customization

Securely access DeFi and NFT markets with an enterprise-grade solution that helps your team meet regulatory requirements, automate operations and establish global controls for DeFi transactions.

  • Web3 Browser Extension

    Interact with your web3 apps through a web app extension, which feeds the requested transaction to your Fireblocks vault to extend pre-configured policies and MPC signing to protect keys and transfers.

  • Robust REST APIs & SDK

    The Fireblocks API enables programmatic access to the Web3 portal, while extending Fireblocks' MPC and SGX protection and governance policies.

  • Native In-app Access

    Fireblocks’ WalletConnect integration offers the most convenient and secure way to connect to your trading, lending and staking strategies, right from the Fireblocks console.

What I love most about Fireblocks is the ability to leverage their advanced and battle-tested “secure key storage” technology and build our product on top of it. This has definitely enabled us to define ourselves as an enterprise-grade NFT management & usage platform since the beginning of Narval journey.

Matt Schoch Co-founder & CTO

Build your next Web3 project on Fireblocks

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