Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with the Moonbeam Foundation to add support for the GLMR and MOVR tokens to Fireblocks.

By adding GLMR (AKA Glimmer, the Moonbeam Network’s utility token on the Polkadot network) and MOVR (AKA Moonriver, the network’s Kusama deployment) to the Fireblocks platform, we’re unlocking direct custody of these tokens for financial institutions. As stated by the Moonbeam Foundation, this is a “major leap forward” in making these utility tokens accessible for VCs, funds, and other institutional parties.

Fireblocks currently supports more than 1,100 tokens and 35 protocols, and we’re continuously adding new integrations. Check the full list of tokens available on the Fireblocks platform here.

Institutional GLMR and MOVR access is now available on Fireblocks

Effective immediately, Fireblocks users can now:

  1. Store GLMR and MOVR in their Fireblocks Vault
  2. Transfer GLMR and MOVR on the Fireblocks Network
  3. Launch GLMR and MOVR token support for retail customers and users with Fireblocks’ REST API
  4. Utilize the Moonbeam dApp through WalletConnect to stake custodied assets, along with other dApps in the Moonbeam ecosystem

About Moonbeam

The Moonbeam Foundation aims to promote the development, growth, and adoption of Moonbeam and its ecosystem.

Their Glimmer (GLMR) token is the native platform token for the project. It is a utility token serving the same purpose as ETH serves on Ethereum, with added Polkadot functionality, such as staking and on-chain governance functions. 

Their Moonriver (MOVR) token is the utility token of the Moonriver network, the permanently incentivized canary network that lives on Kusama. New code ships to Moonriver first, where it is tested and verified under real economic conditions. Once proven, the same code is shipped to Moonbeam on Polkadot.

Want to access MOVR and GLMR? Request access now.