We’re thrilled to share that Tesseract, a Fin-FSA regulated digital asset innovator that focuses on institutional brokerage and asset management, is joining the Fireblocks Network.

Tesseract serves investors, retail trading platforms, custodians, and borrowers globally with technology solutions that safeguard client assets while optimizing capital efficiency. Operating from its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, the company is currently collaborating with 50+ institutional users and more than $1.4 billion in assets under custody (AUC). 

Tesseract will be leveraging the Fireblocks Network to reach a greater pool of lenders who are looking for future-proof yield solutions.

How Tesseract is using Fireblocks

Tesseract provides an API-based white label yield solution that enables lenders to attract and retain customers more effectively while diversifying revenue, with minimum development costs and integration time. 

In joining the Fireblocks Network, Tesseract looks to offer partners and lenders its tailored yield products in a risk-free environment. Tesseract has chosen Fireblocks because of our extensive network of lenders and borrowers, and our trustworthy technological infrastructure. 

About Tesseract

Tesseract provides tools to investors and borrowers in the digital asset space. The company enables owners of digital assets to earn yield with a suite of yield products that are safeguarded by a proprietary risk engine; at the same time, they extend credit in digital assets with an innovative lending strategy that streamlines processes and increases trust between parties.

Supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (the same authority supervising the largest banks in Northern Europe), Tesseract was among the first companies to obtain a 5AMLD virtual asset service provider license in the European Union. 

Tesseract aims to promote trust and transparency in the digital asset industry by promoting active dialogue with regulators and adhering to the highest standards of national and international financial regulation.

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