We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with FIS – one of the largest and most well respected fintechs in the world – to eliminate the barriers around entering crypto for capital markets participants. This partnership will continue to accelerate the growth of crypto within the traditional finance (“TradFi”) community as traditional hedge funds, asset managers, private equity and VC firms increasingly look to crypto as the future of capital markets.

A recent poll conducted by Banking Dive shows that ~70% of financial institutions are already exploring crypto and digital assets – from developing a strategy to having a solution in production. According to an FIS study, 69% of institutional investors in the US would like to add crypto to their investment mix. 

Further breaking down barriers for TradFi’s adoption of crypto

FIS capital markets and buy-side clients are some of the largest and most well-respected TradFi institutions in the world. While they focus on different areas of the capital markets ecosystem, they do have one thing in common – the need to innovate quickly and stay ahead of the curve. From a capital markets perspective, the most innovative place to be right now is crypto.

FIS is taking an incredible step in making it safe and easy for their customers to enter crypto capital markets. For FIS customers looking to speed up their digital transformation strategy, they can now supercharge the execution by using Fireblocks.

Adam Levine VP and Head of Corporate Strategy

Accelerating crypto exposure for FIS clients

Through this partnership, FIS customers can enter the crypto space with Fireblocks’ industry-leading technology to: 

  • Instantly gain secure access to the deepest crypto liquidity network and capital markets participants
  • Tap into the widest token (1100+) and blockchain protocol (35+) support including fiat on & off ramps 
  • Gain access to enterprise-grade DeFi and Staking – where they can securely connect to over 100+ dApps and protocols, and the world’s first permissioned DeFi pool, Aave Arc.
  • Leverage Fireblocks’ expertise from helping over 1000 institutional customers, across numerous industry verticals, build and scale their digital asset and crypto operations  
  • & much more 

There are investors who will seek out synthetic exposure as their only means of access to crypto and digital asset investing. But for the market makers and the brokers, they will need access to the underlying physical assets. The appetite of traditional clients to control their own wallet technology and get exposure to different types of these assets will grow over time, either for their own portfolios or to support their structured products or derivatives businesses on top.

John Avery Head of Product for Digital Assets

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