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Fireblocks Year in Review 2021

Looking back at a year of growth and innovation

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At Fireblocks, our mission is to enable every business to easily and securely support digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Here’s what we did this year to help make our vision a reality.

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Simplified DeFi for institutions

DeFi is one of the more complex markets for institutions to navigate across security, compliance, and risk. This year, we focused on simplifying DeFi by providing instant access to any dApp, extending access to compliance-conscious institutions, and boosting our DeFi protocol and token support.

Grew the Fireblocks Network to 750+ participants

A network is only as good as its members. We are humbled to have helped launch and grow businesses in 2021, enabling them to store, trade, and manage their digital asset growth.

Path 3 We grew, and so did our customers

  • Enigma securities scaled quarterly transaction volume from $30M to $8B

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  • By eliminating close-loop custody, Revolut is closer to becoming the "go-to super app"

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  • GMO Trust launched the world's first JPY-pegged stablecoin and enabled 3x profitability

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  • Fasanara Capital scaled their crypto-native fund 500%, from $20M to $100M

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  • Bit2Me can process hundreds of transactions in seconds and scaled from 20 to 250+ tokens

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Path 3

Enabled businesses to take direct control of their crypto custody

Custody is the foundation of any digital asset business. This year, we helped our customers implement direct custody strategies, enabling them to have 24/7 control of their digital assets, greater operational flexibility, and an improved customer experience.

Guided customers through the regulatory landscape

A strong commitment to compliance has always been one of our core principles. That’s why we expanded our regulatory expertise and capabilities to help customers navigate an evolving market and shifting regulatory landscape.

Expanded the Fireblocks team

Fireblocks wouldn’t be Fireblocks without our amazing team. In 2021, we welcomed 200+ new employees across 10 countries, each with their own unique set of skills and experiences. (And we’re not done yet! ↓)

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